Common scenarios that could delay your lab report

Unforeseen circumstances

Since we understand that nothing in life is perfect, and unforeseen situations could occur. We would like to clarify some delays that could occur during and after the process of sample. The exceptions are listed below.

Possible Exceptions:

  1. 24hr starts at time our lab receives your sample, usually around 8-10pm
  2. If a recollect is needed for a sample, this could affect processing time
  3. If incorrect contact information was given at the time of your registration.
  4. If an “Inconclusive” result came back from our lab partners, you will need to come back to re-test.
  5. If you provide an international cell phone number
  6. If you provide a landline phone number versus a cell number
  7. If there is an issue with your credit card payment
  8. If bad weather conditions affect our couriers ability to deliver specimens.

How To Mitigate delays

Now, in order to avoid any delays, our medical staff will check, cross-check and in many cases triple check information given in order to mitigate any issues.

Other uncontrollable issues, well, are uncontrollable. Bare with us and our lab as we strive to provide the fastest turnaround times, considering the heavy demand.